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Ardglass, (County Down)

Jordan’s Castle is a North Irish castle located near the town of Ardglass in County Down. It is a rectangular tower in rather good condition and is in a very good state of repair. Although some sections are nowadays in ruins, it still has a serious charm, typical of Irish castles of the time!

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A tower house of obscure origins

Jordan’s Castle remains a historical mystery to this day. Its date of construction remains unknown, although it is suspected to have been built between the 14th and 15th century…

Rather imposing, it takes the form of a four-storey tower, connected by spiral staircases. The main living room was situated on the first floor, and was to accommodate tables, chairs and armchairs, as well as a fireplace for heating.

Architecturally speaking, the building has been modified several times, but is considered a real architectural treasure. Moreover, the castle had a great defensive role in the episode of the Tyrone Rebellion: its owner at the time, Simon Jordan, defended the territory for 3 years through the castle.

The visit is free and rather nice. You won’t be able to miss it: it is located in the very centre of Ardglass!

Jordan’s Castle
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in downtown Ardglass

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54.259193, -5.606405
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