Inishtrahull Lighthouse

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The Inishtrahull Lighthouse is an Irish lighthouse located on Inishtrahull Island, an island off the coast of County Donegal. Operating in conjunction with the Tory Island Lighthouse, it is a valuable asset in securing local shipping. Its location, alone facing the ocean, gives it a little charm that does not leave us indifferent!

Visit the Inishtrahull Lighthouse

The Inishtrahull Lighthouse is believed to date from 1812 and to have been commissioned by the Royal Navy. However, it was completely rebuilt in the 20th century to meet safety requirements.

Recognisable by its narrow white column, the lighthouse is 28 metres high and has been fully automated since 30 April 1987. Installed in a magnificent setting, the lighthouse is alone and isolated, but can be connected on foot. The only disappointment is that you will not be able to enter the building as it is closed to visitors.

Too bad, but nothing will prevent you from admiring it from the outside! Moreover, the surroundings of the lighthouse are rather nice, rich in maritime landscapes and possible strolls! Don’t forget your walking shoes: the area is ideal!

Inishtrahull Lighthouse
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Inishtrahull Island

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