Inagh Valley

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Imagine a gigantic valley punctuated by lakes, moors and peat bogs, enclosed on both sides by gigantic dark mountains (the Twelve Bens and the Maumturk Mountains). The landscape makes you dizzy by its splendor, and remains some Scottish landscapes… Whatever the weather was sunny or rainy, you will not be disappointed by these majestic mountains dominating these hectares of redhead moors and lakes …

Inagh Valley : the most beautiful valley of all Connemara

Go on an adventure within the big irish spaces!

The visit starts on the R344, a narrow road sometimes good, sometimes in poor condition, which will take you through the Inagh Valley for several kilometers. You can reach it between Galway and Clifden, then arrive in the middle of extended moors and peat bogs, under the imposing presence of the Maumturk and the Twelves Bens, two mountain ranges located on each side of the valley.

During your walk, you can notice the presence of small lakes and watercourses which wind along the roads, just like the Lough Inagh Valley, a gigantic lake in the hollow of the Twelve Bens. (Note that it is possible to follow it until the start of the N59 road in direction of Clifden).

Strangely, the place seems to be uninhabited, and you will not see any habitation or any trace of human life in Inagh Valley, with the exception of the rare sheep that have come to graze in the wild, and a few Irish people who have come to collect peat. (Just note the presence of an hotel and a petrol station)
Do not miss the islet of Derryclare Lough which will be on your left on the N59: this islet, very appreciated by visitors, is located in the middle of a lake, and has some tortured pinetrees which make the Derryclare Lough so picturesque ! Note that it is possible to park on the side to take some pictures…

Inagh Valley by walk for hikers

If you are motivated and the heart tells you, know that this valley is not visited only by car or bus. It is also a real little paradise for good walkers enjoying the great colorful landscapes !

There are several possibilities to visit the valley as you wish. However, we recommend you to climb the Mamean pass, which offers a sumptuous view of the rest of the valley. Note that at its top, you will find a small religious monument as well as some tombs decorated with Celtic crosses.

If you want to continue, know that you can take the Western Way, a 250 km long road that crosses the Inagh Valley and will allow you to discover the rest of Connemara.

Inagh Valley
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Take R344 road then N59 road

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53.520602, -9.741667
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