Huntington Castle - Matt - cc

Huntington Castle

Huntington Castle - Matt - cc

Huntington Castle, also known as Clonegal Castle, is an Irish castle in the town of Clonegal in County Carlow. A magnificent building, it is now a private home, open to the public for guided tours from June to September. Beware, according to reports, the castle is haunted …

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A castle renovated after the siege of Cromwell

The origins of the castle would date back to 1400: it would have been built for the Irish clan Caviness. But from the 16th century, the castle was restructured with defensive objectives (surrounding wall, observation towers…etc.), due to the increasingly tense climate with the British (during the Plantation episode). In vain: from 1650, Oliver Cromwell took the castle and entrusted it to his army as a strategic place.

At the beginning of the XVIIth century, the castle was acquired by the Esmonde family, who decided to redevelop the gardens, digging a lake.

Nowadays, the castle is still intact and has been renovated as a private dwelling place. The place is quiet and bathed by a luxuriant nature. It is equipped with a square tower, as well as an adjoining round tower. You will be able to visit some of the rooms if you come between June and September. The guide will propose you a rather complete explanation on the history of the castle…

Note that the castle would have its share of ghost stories: many testimonies would have announced to have seen ghosts of druids wandering within the castle, but also in the neighboring field. It is said that these druids could suddenly create a fog, set fire to it, and make blood flow through the shower heads of the castle… Scary, isn’t it?

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Address Address: Clonegal
Lieu : (County Carlow)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.690401,-6.649088

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from June to September only

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