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Hungry Hill

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The Hungry Hill is an Irish mountain, belonging to the Beara Peninsula in County Cork. Rising to 685 metres above sea level, it is considered the 130th highest peak in Ireland. A magical place, which should make hiking enthusiasts dream!

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The highest mountain of the Beara Peninsula

The Hungry Hill is the highest peak of the Caha mountain range, located on the Beara Peninsula. The mountain straddles the border between County Kerry and County Cork, although its peak slopes more towards Cork. The mountain is magnificent, and is especially appreciated for its hiking trails, as well as for the existence of a superb prehistoric cairn on its summit.

Some standing stones are also installed south-east of the summit of the mountain: a must for aficionados of megalithic sites.

Moreover, the view from the summit is magnificent, and allows one to admire the Coomadayallig and Coomarkane lakes, which together flow into a vertiginous waterfall, the Mare’s Tail, considered to be the highest waterfall in the country! An exceptional spectacle, which will however be reserved only for very good walkers. Avoid going alone and don’t hesitate to equip yourself with warm clothing, a windbreaker, and enough water and food to ensure a round trip.

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Address Address: south of the Beara Peninsula
Lieu : (County Cork)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 51.696852,-9.776571

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