The Hore Abbey - Matthew and Heather - cc

The Hore Abbey

Localisation en Irlande
The Hore Abbey - Matthew and Heather - cc

Informations about The Hore Abbey

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Tipperary (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : Cashel

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Just a few hundred metres from the famous Rock of Cashel (County Tipperary) is Hore Abbey, a ruined Cistercian monastery. The building dates back to the 13th century, and today offers a beautiful view of its ruins. A magnificent site, a must to visit!

Visit the Hore Abbey

History and visit of the abbey

The Hore abbey - travis nobles - cc

The Hore abbey – travis nobles – cc

The Abbey of Hore would have been built around the 12th / 13th century for the Benedictines.

However, the story goes that the archbishop of the time, Mgr David MacCearbhaill, dreamt one night that the Benedictines were murdering him. Seeing this dream as a premonition, he decided to drive the Benedictines out of the abbey, finally giving it to the Cistercians in 1270.

Of course, this story is more of a legend than a real historical fact.

In any case, the abbey has survived to the present day: its walls are still standing, and the remains in place give an excellent idea of what the Hore Abbey might have looked like in its early years.

The visit is free of charge, and free to enter. Don’t miss the still remarkable vaults of the building: the windows are still visible, and the carving and engraving work is unbelievable.

Among its curiosities, you will be able to note that the cloister is located in the north: a rare organization for a Cistercian cloister. Researchers explain this layout because of the proximity of the Rock of Cashel.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Cashel
Location: (County Tipperary)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.518591,-7.897931

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

Opening HoursOpening Hours:


DurationDuration: 30 minutes


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