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Kenmare, (County Kerry)

Holy Cross Church is a Catholic church in Kenmare, founded in 1864. Pretty, though a little sad, it is the pride of the town’s inhabitants, who appreciate its interior architecture, with its choir, organ, and carved roof!

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A church famous for its stained glass windows!

Although austere, the church of Kenmare is above all renowned for the finesse of its architecture and decoration. Starting with its stained-glass windows: the building has amazingly colourful stained-glass windows, created by the artist London O’Connor. In addition, there is a hand carved choir, an impressive organ, and a wooden roof entirely carved by hand. Beautiful work, which gives a glimpse of Irish craftsmanship!

Opposite the church stands the tomb of Bishop PF Cremin, (who died in 2001) who was a theological expert of the Vatican. Originally from Kenmare, he was, among other things, professor of law and moral theology at St Patrick’s College in Maynooth between 1949 and 1980.

It should be noted that the church is still active today, and gladly opens its doors to tourists… on condition that they keep a low profile!

Holy Cross Church
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