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Dublin, (County Dublin)
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Did you know? Hodges Figgis is the oldest bookshop in Ireland. Today it is a favourite of students, literature lovers and other book lovers of all kinds, both modern and classic. Located in Dublin, a stone’s throw from Trinity College, the bookshop was founded in 1768: it has since become a true institution, and has never ceased its activity.

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A book store on 4 floors in the middle of Dublin!

There are some incredible addresses in Dublin, and Hodges Figgis is one of them! This bookstore, recognizable by its retro green front, is undoubtedly the landmark of intellectuals, students, young people, but also of all lovers of novels, stories and guides of all kinds!

Because this bookshop, organized on 4 floors, is an ode to the passion of reading! Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find what you are looking for, between the wise advice of the salesmen and the shelves full of promises that are spread out along the walls.

Note that the bookstore is full of academic books, partly because of its location across from Trinity College, but the Irish section also covers photography, travel, nature, folklore, cooking and literature.

The store also has a large section dedicated to novels and bestsellers. Every year, the store welcomes many novelists to sign their works and answer questions from their fans.

Hodges Figgis
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56-58 Dawson St, Dublin 2

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53.3422434089762, -6.258146140884374

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