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Highlanes Gallery

Highlanes Gallery - https://allthatglittersisnotgold.org

If you are passing through the town of Drogheda, then don’t miss the visit to the Highlanes Gallery. This place is primarily for art lovers, appreciating art in all its forms! The icing on the cake: the gallery is located within the walls of a former Franciscan monastery!

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A museum housed in an old monastery…

The Highlanes Gallery opened its doors in 2006 and has been a great success with art lovers ever since. It is housed in a former church building and has been redesigned and renovated to ensure that the monastery retains its character.

Overall, the museum offers a complete tour of Irish art from the 17th century to the present day. Thus, the museum is proud to exhibit top Irish artists such as Nano Reid, Bea Orpen, Evie Hone, Marie Swanzy, but also foreign artists such as the Italian Gabriele Ricciardelli. The art exhibited is mainly pictorial, but you can also enjoy some contemporary sculptures and installations.

The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions several times a year, and thus benefits from national and international works. An asset, which allows them to attract tourists and inhabitants of Drogheda all year round!

The Highlanes Gallery also has a shop where you can buy the museum’s catalogue, as well as many books on art in general. Some local handicrafts are also available. Finally, the museum also has a coffee corner, where you can sit and taste some of Drogheda’s local products!

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