Healys Island - Raymond Fogarty

Healys Island

Healys Island - Raymond Fogarty

Healys Island is an uninhabited Irish wilderness island off the coast of County Clare. You can easily admire it on your way to Loop Head. The spectacle is fascinating, and deserves a short stop near the cliffs to admire it better!

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A wild island beaten by the winds and the ocean

Healys Island - Raymond Fogarty

Healys Island – Raymond Fogarty

Healys Island is located less than 10 kilometres off the cliffs of Loop Head. The island takes the shape of an inverted comma, and seems to be detached over the centuries from the country’s cliffs.

The result is a beautiful island, quite high and composed of steep cliffs, similar to those of Loop Head. The plateau of the island is quite flat and uniform, covered with grass.

The configuration of the island makes Healys Island inaccessible to visitors. Nevertheless, you will be able to observe it from the mainland! And the show is well worth a few pictures!

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Address Address: Loop Head
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.559707,-9.932019

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