The Hag’s Glen

Hag's Glen - © Colm
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Hag’s Glen is a valley in Kerry County. You can overlook it if you are sporty and want to climb Carrantuohill Mountain, the highest mountain in Ireland! The view from the valley is exceptional!

Visit the Hag’s Glen

A valley that is difficult to access, reserved for expert hikers.

The Hag’s Glen can be admired by 2 ways: by the mountain (which requires an excellent physical condition: the Carrantuohill requires a professional level! You will have to take the Devil’s Ladder, the most interesting circuit for a seasoned hiker), or by the valley itself.

We recommend the second option, as it is more accessible. Be careful though: even if you take the valley, the difficulty of the hike is real. Never go alone, and don’t forget to warn someone before leaving. The possession of a mobile phone is also a plus in case of problem.

Anyway, you will be able to walk around and enjoy 2 magnificent lakes:

  • Lough Gouragh
  • and Lough Callee.

The spectacle offered is magnificent: the greenery is omnipresent, and the valley is not much frequented by tourists (because little known to this day). One feels like being alone in the world, in the heart of the breathtaking Irish open spaces!

Practical informations

Note Traveler's Note:

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Address Address: at the foot of Carrantuohill Mountain
Lieu : (County Kerry)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 51.999059,-9.743222

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  • free
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  • every day. Never leave in bad weather!