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Gurteen Bay

Localisation en Irlande
Gurteen Bay - deek_ay - cc

Informations about Gurteen Bay

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Galway (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : south of Roundstone

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Gurteen Bay is a pretty natural cove located near Roundstone, a stone’s throw from Connemara in Ireland. Magnificent, one appreciates its fine sandy beach, as well as its proximity to a second bay: Dogs Bay. To do to enjoy the sea!

Visit Gurteen Bay

A beach of rocks and white sand!

Need to rest, in a quiet place, while enjoying the rather nice seaside scenery? The Gurteen Bay is ideal to take a break, enjoy the view, and make a few sand pies! Situated south of the village of Roundstone, it is easy to get to and is a favourite spot for families, surfers and other beach joggers.

Its turquoise water is transparent. Convincing enough to want to take a dip in it, although those who are cold can quickly become discouraged (swimming is best in the summer, otherwise a wetsuit is required).

It is possible to stroll along the beach of Gurteen and then access its neighbouring bay: Dogs Bay, just as magnificent! Don’t miss it!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: south of Roundstone
Location: (County Galway)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 53.377133,-9.958676

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

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