The Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse - © Anton Ivanov Photo
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With the Guinness StoreHouse, needless to say that Guinness saw things big ! Located in Dublin itself, in Ireland, it is a brewery converted in a gigantic Museum ! What does it offer ? A complete attraction, entirely dedicated to the most famous beer in Ireland ! You will thus discover the brand History, the manufacturing process for dark beer, and … on top of that : your visit will end at the top of the Museum with the tasting of a free pint facing an insane view overlooking Dublin ! One thing is certain : Guinness will hold no secret for you !

Visit Guinness Storehouse

What to excepect? Discover the tour formulas

Guinness Storehouse entrance - Anton Ivanov

Guinness Storehouse entrance – Anton Ivanov

Before starting your dive at the heart of Guinness empire, it is necessary to understand that the Guinness Storehouse offers 2 visit formulas:

  • The first one is a premium offer lasting 3 hours, which consists of visiting the Guinness Brewery, and then discovering the treasures of the Guinness Storehouse spread over 7 floors. This is the most complete offer, but above all the most expensive : 95€ per person. It offers you a total immersion, and goes into detail. The icing on the cake : you will be offered many tastings (limited edition beers and traditional Irish dishes) and a gift will be offered to you during the visit.
  • The second formula, as interesting as the 1st one, is nevertheless intented to be lighter. It only covers the Guinness Storehouse visit, (and not the brewery) for a price of 25€. This visit offers you a summary on the identity of the Guinness Company, its manufacturing processes…etc.

Visit of the Guinness brewery

A premium visit that will put you into the heart of the Guinness Industry

Saint James Gate - Giuseppe Milo - cc

Saint James Gate – Giuseppe Milo – cc

If you wish to know everything from the Irish firm, and discover its secrets in detail, then we advise you to make the official tour of the Guinness brewery. An unforgettable premium visit, but which has the disadvantage of being rather expensive. Indeed you will have to pay almost 95€ per person to discover the brewery !

The 3 hours visit takes place exclusively on foot, and offers you a premium tour, which will allow you to enjoy a total immersion inside the historic Guinness brewery, then the Guinness Storehouse.

To sum up, this premium ultra-complete formula is simply fascinating. It includes :

  • A guided tour of Dublin’s « St James’s Gate »
  • The discovery of the Roast House (where barley is roasted at 232°C)
  • The underground tunnel that leads to the Brewhouse 4 (where Guinness is brewed today)
  • An exclusive tasting of Guinness beers, available in limited edition. To be discovered inside the Guinness Open Gate Brewery (an experimental brewery which offers tasting of the brand’s draught beers)
  • A 100% Irish guided tasting, with Guinness and traditional Irish dishes,
  • The access to the Guinness Storehouse (for adults only) which will allow you to discover the History and success of the brewery,
  • A gift from the brand
  • A pint tasting at the top of Gravity Bar, a panoramic terrace which overlook all Dublin ! This promises you a full tour of the brewery and the Guinness Storehouse ! You will be amazed, you will discover the secrets of the brand, and understand better why Guinness is so popular in Ireland and the rest of the World.

Please note, places and visits are limited. Book as early as possible on their website to enjoy the experience ! Believe us : the price is high, but the tour is unforgettable !

Visit of the Guinness Storehouse

A museum in the form of a giant pint… to the glory of Guinness

The Guinness Storehouse - © Anton Ivanov Photo

The Guinness Storehouse – © Anton Ivanov Photo

Built on 7 floors, and fitted out on a pint-shaped architecture, the Guinness Storehouse impresses and amazes ! Although it is just a place where Guinness promotes itself, it is quick to get caught up due to the quality of the exhibit.

It must be said the the museam did not spink on the means ! Each presentation appeal to a life-size reconstitution and uses elements simply out of the ordinary. Thus, you will not be surprised to discover a gigantic fountain at the first floor, nor the huge copper boiler at 2nd level… Not to mention the unbelievable number of beer barrels used for decoration, as well as the play of windows, light and interactive kiosks allowing you to live a unique experience inside.
Everything is done to make you discover the manufatcuring processes of Guinness. You will learn there that the famous Irish beer uses to the followng ingredients :

  • High quality water
  • Barley
  • Hop
  • Yeast

Many old machines were installed here and there to tell you the history of beer, and this, with the help of impressive videos, sounds and lights! Soft light, cozy atmosphere, smells of roasted barley and hop… No doubt : everything smells the authentic brewery here !

When the Guinness Storehouse pays tribute to Arthur Guinness…

Arthur Guinness exposition in Guinness Storehouse - © Anton Ivanov Photo

Arthur Guinness exposition in Guinness Storehouse – © Anton Ivanov Photo

After explaning the art of stout making, you can enter a wing ot the museum entirely dedicated to Arthur Guinness, the founder of the brewery.

His office, as well as his old armchair are still exposed there, also the officials texts signed by his hands, which made it possible to create the most famous brewery of all Ireland!

You will then learn how he decided to acquire in 1759 this dilapidated brewery located at St James’s Gate, for £100 then £45 per year, granting him the property rights for 9000 years ! (Please note that the contract appears at the entrance of the museum, on the ground, under a glass slab . A photo idea if you want to immortalize your visit in a original way!).

Merchandising… more merchandising

The Guinness storehouse - dennizn

The Guinness storehouse – dennizn

A few floors highers, you will find the various Guinness merchandising objects. Enough to make the biggest collectors of the brand fade with envy !

There are many Guinness bottles there, dating from 1759 to the present day…

Add to that the various glasses sold over the centuries, vintage coasters, as well as posters with slogans known worldwide like « Guinness is good for You ! » The famous Toucan is also present, and is available in all colors ! A way to understand how the Guinness empire had bet everyhting on innovative communication for the time!

If you advance further in your visit, you will necessarily come across the Guinness Storehouse shop. And there, watch your wallet !.
Because it is a gigantic and absolutely insane shop that stands before you ! There is everything : clothes, caps, coasters, posters and much more ! It must be said that the brand is very talented with regards to its derivated products ! We can find chocolate and crisps with the taste of dark beer ! Not to mention the keys chains, and other original goodies that make generally visitors crack.

On the price side, it is not cheap and we are quicly seduced by certain products : Beware of your wallet : we quicky get caught up in the game !

A Guinness offered and a panoramic terrace…

Pints ​​of Guinness, with your portrait!

Pints ​​of Guinness, with your portrait!

Arrived at the top of the museum (only accessible by elevator) you will reach to a magnificent round and vitrified terrace, overhanging Dublin on 360 degrees ! At the center of the terrace, there is a bar, where a waiter will be happy to serve you a creamy pint as desired on presentation of your entrance ticket. Why deprive yourself ? The pint is free !
Note the possiblity of having your portrait printed on the beer foam. A unique and recent attraction, which will allow you to literally drink your face ! The concept ? You take a picture of yourself and pass it on to your bartender. This last one parameter a 3D printer that will come and put your face on the cream of your beer ! To do this, the printer deposits a specific malt extract, which alows it to remain on the cream, without falling into the bottom of the pint.
The result is stunning ! Note that there is an additional cost (6,50€) for this extraordinary experience !

Once you have been served, you just have to sit very comfortably on one of the armchair on the terrace, and contemplate the view ! You will dominate all Dublin, and will be able to admire its 360° view, thanks to its transparent glass walls !
After this well-deserved rest, you will be invited to descend, to reach the ground floor, where the largest Guinness store of all Ireland is held ! You will then be offered on sale a quantity of derivated products, ranging from t shirt to Guinness bottle openers !

The Guinness Storehouse
Practical information

Address Address:
St James's Gate, Dublin 8

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.341889, -6.286694

Web siteWeb site:
Access to the website
PricesPrices :

25 € (with a pint of Guinness offered at the top)

Opening hoursOpening hours:

every day from 9.20 a.m. to 5 p.m. (open until 8 p.m. in July and August and closed from 24 to 26 December)

The Guinness Storehouse : the map

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