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Grange Stone is one of the largest henge in Ireland. Located in County Limerick, near Lough Gur (a pretty lake with peaceful waters), the site is a stone circle 45 metres in diameter. Composed of 113 megaliths, it is by far one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the region!

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A gigantic cromlech in an idyllic setting!

Grange Stone, is located not far from Bruff, on the road to Kilmallock. Considered to be the largest stone circle in Ireland, it can be visited free of charge at any time of the day. Rather impressive, the site would date from the Neolithic period, and would have been a place of worship. Researchers have found traces of unburned human bones, cattle bones and many small bronze hunting tools.

The stones are quite imposing: never exceeding 1.2 metres in height, they describe a circle of 45 metres in diameter. Whether it is pure chance, or a desired phenomenon, it seems that the sun comes to strike the centre of the circle at each summer solstice. A real mystery for archaeologists, who have already observed this kind of phenomenon on other megaliths, such as the dolmen of Poulnabrone, or the cairn of Newgrange.

Don’t hesitate to go around the cromlech: the site is rather nice, and not much frequented. Its proximity to the lake Lough Gur may give you the desire to picnic or just walk.

Grange Stone
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near Lough Gur, on the road to Kilmallock...

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52.514277, -8.541947

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30 minutes
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