La General Post Office de Dublin - Stefan Jürgensen - cc

The GPO Witness History

La General Post Office de Dublin - Stefan Jürgensen - cc

Brand new, brand new! The GPO Witness History is a new museum in Dublin, which has taken up residence in the mythical building of Dublin’s central post office (the General Post Office). Entirely dedicated to the Easter Rising of 1916, as well as to the emergence of the Irish State, this museum will plunge you into the heart of Irish History as you have never seen it before!

Visit the GPO Witness History

A modern exhibition, explaining the cultural and political identity of Ireland today.

For those who would be put off by such museums at first sight, the GPO Witness History is far from being a boring history lesson! Its exhibitions are interactive, fun and effective. Here, touch terminals, large screens, sound recordings, period objects and photos will take you back in time to plunge you into the years 1910/1920. All in French please!

What’s more, the museum even offers you a 15-minute immersive audiovisual experience that plunges you into the heart of Dublin at the time!

The museum is also dedicated to Irish Gaelic culture, including the birth of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), a historical sports organisation dedicated to the promotion of local Gaelic sports. But the museum will also introduce you to the importance of the Gaelic language, considered essential to Irish national identity!

In short, a nice overview that will give you a better understanding of the current Irish identity. A very nice museum!

Please note that you can book your tickets on the museum’s website: you will benefit from a small discount!

Practical informations

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Address Address: O'Connell Street​ Lower - Dublin 1
Lieu : (County Dublin)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.349377,-6.260600

PricesPrices* :

10€ per person – 6€ for under 13 years old – 7,50€ for over 13 years old10€ per person – 6€ for under 13 years old – 7,50€ for over 13 years old

*prix indicatif pouvant varier en fonction de la saison et de la politique de l'établissement.

SchedulesSchedules :

Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Web siteWeb site: Accéder au site web

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