Gortin Glen Forest Park - Kent Wang - cc

Gortin Glen Forest Park

Gortin Glen Forest Park - Kent Wang - cc

The Gortin Glen Forest Park is a beautiful forest park located in Northern Ireland, less than 10km from the town of Omagh. Covering an area of 1500 hectares, the forest is ideal for a walk in the woods, meandering between firs, oaks and ferns. A nature parenthesis that will please wilderness lovers.

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A forest. Three hiking trails.

The Gortin Glen Forest Park is a small wilderness paradise, located west of the Sperrins Mountains, with a remarkable biodiversity. The forest is inhabited by deer and rare species, which can be crossed with discretion.

A series of marked trails start from the main car park checkpoint. There are currently 3 large hiking loops to be tested:

  • The Nature trail: of 2km, rather easy level
  • The Pollan trail: 2km, medium level
  • The Ladies View Trail: 3.5km, difficult level (some portions have steep slopes that require cardio and perseverance)

Each trail is very pleasant to walk along: they guarantee you a total immersion in the forest. All trails are colour-coded and return to the parking lot, forming a loop.

For the less sporty, not wishing to drag their sneakers for miles, there is also an alternative: the Forest Drive. This is a panoramic drive that can be taken by car and is 8 km long. It is punctuated with remarkable views of the forest. The road makes it easy to stop and enjoy. Get ready: the scenery is breathtaking!

It is also possible to do this route by bike or on horseback (horse rides require prior authorization).

Finally, be aware that the forest is equipped with camping facilities. Hard standing barbecues are also available on site for a picnic at the top!

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Address Address: Omagh, Royaume-Uni
Lieu : (County Tyrone)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.676206,-7.245019

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DurationDuration: 2h00

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