Glanworth Bridge and its castle - IrishFireside - cc

Glanworth Bridge

Glanworth Bridge and its castle - IrishFireside - cc

Who knew Glanworth had so many wonders on offer? This small village in County Cork counts among its tourist treasures the fabulous Glanworth Bridge, a 15th century Anglo-Norman bridge built at the foot of a ruined medieval castle: Glanworth Castle.

Visit the Glanworth Bridge

A castle built by the Norman “Roches” family.

The history of the bridge dates back to the 15th century, when Les Roche, a wealthy Anglo-Norman family settled in Glanworth in the 13th century, decided to build a Dominican abbey in 1475. To connect it, they wanted to build a narrow bridge across the local river and named it “Glanworth bridge”.

Since then, the bridge has never moved, and is officially the oldest bridge in Europe (but also the narrowest!).

Built from local stone and mortar, the bridge is rather pretty, and offers a stunning view of the 13th century castle, built a little higher up on a rocky promontory. A bridge that is still passable today, and which is the pride of the village’s inhabitants!

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