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Glantane East

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Glantane East - Coil00 - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : south of Millstreet

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Glantane East is an Irish megalithic complex, located 6.4 km from Millstreet in County Cork. Rather impressive, it includes a dolmen, 2 stone circles and several alignments. A major site in the region, which will fascinate archaeology enthusiasts!

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A vast archaeological complex!

Glantane East is located in the Keel River valley on the upper slopes northwest of the Musherabeg mountain, in the townland of Glantane. Rather quiet and peaceful, the location offers a superb terrain for hiking and discovery!

You will then come across a vast archaeological complex composed of:

The dolmen would have been used as a tomb during the Neolithic period. Rather small, it does not exceed 90cm in height, but its cover table measures 2.4 meters! It rests on several small megaliths which balance the whole.

Not far from there stands a first stone circle with a diameter of 5 meters, composed of 5 standing stones and 6 fallen stones whose height varies between 50cm and 1 meter. In the center is a hole, where once there was a more imposing megalith.

A little further on you will find a second, less imposing stone circle, as well as aligned stones. Their visit is free and really worth the detour!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: south of Millstreet
Location: (County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.003440,-9.048125

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DurationDuration: 30 minutes


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