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Giant’s Ring

Localisation en Irlande
Giant's Ring - robertpaulyoung - cc

Informations about Giant’s Ring

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Antrim (Northern Ireland)
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Address : 5km south of Belfast

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The Giant’s Ring is a megalithic site, dating from the Neolithic period. Located near Belfast, in Northern Ireland, the site is one of the most interesting to know, but is also one of the most mysterious, with its dolmen, and its magnificent tree located a few meters away… A magical corner, to be discovered for all lovers of old stones and history… A must in the region !

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One more dolmen dating from 3000 years before J.C.

The Giant’s Ring, is located near Ballnahatty, not far from Belfast‘s Shaw’s Bridge, on a plateau overlooking the pretty Lagan River. Lost in the North Irish countryside, it is made up of several elements dating from different periods.

It has a circular fence, 200m in diameter, an almost perfect circle by the way! It encircles a grassy slope of 4 meters high, pierced by 5 entrances, of which only one would date from the Irish prehistory.

At the very heart of this slope is a small off-centre dolmen, located near a gigantic tree, affectionately nicknamed “the Guardian” by the Irish. This would date from the Neolithic period, and would thus be the oldest element of the site… It would even have been covered in the past, and took the appearance of a tomb with a corridor (cairn). Nowadays, the upper table of the dolmen has slipped slightly, but is still camped on the top of the lower megaliths.

The visit is rather nice, and the silence of the place is quite enchanting!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: 5km south of Belfast
Location: (County Antrim)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.540222,-5.949944

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