The Gallarus Oratory

The Gallarus Oratory is a church built in the 7th century on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry. This building is one of the curiosities of the area, because of its stone construction without the use of mortar, as well as by its shape, similar to an overturned boat hull…

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A 7th century building identified as Christian

The oratory of the same name is located just 1km from Gallarus Castle. Discovered in 1756, the oratory of Gallarus is actually a Christian church dating from the 7th century, mainly built on the basis of cut stones.

Although it is not precisely dated, it is believed to have been discovered by Charles Smith, who identified this building as a Christian place (this hypothesis is still controversial today).

Architecturally, its structure is similar to an upturned ship’s hull: 4 corbels meet to form a vault. The oratory has only one room, with a narrow window and an entrance carved in the same stone with 2 lintels (West side). The tiny window (15cm wide and about 20c. high) is located on the East side and thus provides the best possible lighting for the church, and the story would even go so far as to say that anyone who could pass through the small window of the oratory would see all their sins washed away and forgotten!

In any case, the layout of the stones and mortar allowed the Gallarus Oratory to protect itself effectively from rain and humidity, and you will be able to see during your visit the perfect state of conservation of the building!

Practical informations

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Address Address: follow the R559
Lieu : (County Kerry)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.173787,-10.352978

PricesPrices* :

3€ par personne

*prix indicatif pouvant varier en fonction de la saison et de la politique de l'établissement.

SchedulesSchedules :

from June 1 to September 30

DurationDuration: 30 minutes

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