Gallarus Castle

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The Gallarus Castle (or Château de Gallarus in French), is a superb 15th century fortress located on the Dingle Peninsula… The castle is nowadays partially in ruins, but is still accessible to visitors free of charge…

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A Castle built by the FitzGerald family

Built on the lush green plains of the Dingle Peninsula, Gallarus Castle is one of the only fortified castles in Kerry (note that these ramparts are however in ruins at present). Built in the 15th century by the FitzGerald family, the fort consists of a square tower in one piece, rising over 4 floors.

Unfortunately closed to the public, the castle is located on private property . For the lucky few who will be given permission to visit, a staircase will take you up to the different levels and you will be able to admire a magnificent mural fresco running along the steps of the fort, then extending further up on floors 3 and 4, covering the vaults of the ceiling. At the time, a defensive structure built on 2 floors was attached to one of the walls, thus allowing the inhabitants of the fort to ensure that no assailants approached the enclosure.

Numerous renovation and conservation works have been carried out in recent years in order to preserve the castle as well as possible.

Gallarus Castle
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Address Address:
follow the R559

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52.175987, -10.355841
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closed to the public

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