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Foulksrath Castle

Localisation en Irlande
Foulksrath castle - The_Magician - cc

Informations about Foulksrath Castle

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Kilkenny (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : Jenkinstown

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Foulksrath Castle is a 13th century Irish castle, located in Jenkinstown in County Kilkenny. In Anglo-Norman style, it was successively owned by the De Frene and Purcell families.

Visit the Foulksrath Castle

A typical Anglo-Norman tower house

The Foulksrath Castle is a fortified castle in the form of a 4-storey tower. A stone spiral staircase connects the whole.

Surrounded by the moat, it was built for the De Frene family, straight from Great Britain on the occasion of the Anglo-Norman Invasions.

It did not pass into the hands of the Purcell family until the early 15th century. But Cromwell quickly took over the castle before returning it to the family a few months later.

Several centuries later, the castle changed hands, and was long associated with the Swift family (Jonathan Swift’s parents). It was in 1857 that Godwin Meade Pratt Swift patented the first airplane in Ireland. Named “aerial chariot“, his invention was launched from the top of the castle with the help of a catapult. His butler was then at the controls of the plane… The result was most disappointing, and the aerial chariot immediately plunged to the ground, causing multiple fractures to the pilot.

After many setbacks and abandonment, the castle was transformed into an inn before becoming private property. It is therefore impossible to visit it from the inside…

A castle haunted by many ghosts…

Since 1992 there have been rumors that the castle is haunted. Also, a BBC programme was even devoted to her in 1992 with a team of ghost hunters!

According to the testimonies, the first apparition observed would be that of a female ghost, which would have appeared at the window of the tower. According to the local inhabitants, she is the daughter of a former owner of the castle, who was locked up by her own father. The latter would have wished to sequestrate her after discovering that she had a magnet. The poor woman died of starvation and still haunts the Foulksrath Castle today…

The second ghost appears every November 29th. He would be a former guard of the castle, who would have been thrown from the top of the tower for falling asleep during his guard. Since then, he would still watch over the castle…

Practical informations

Adresse Address: Jenkinstown
Location: (County Kilkenny)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 52.749686,-7.316139

Opening HoursOpening Hours:

Visits are not allowed as the castle is private property.


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