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Fanore Beach

Fanore beach - vélovoice - cc

Fanore Beach is a beach in the village of Fanore in the Burren, in the county of Clare. The area is ideal for a barefoot walk along the Atlantic Ocean, and the site is quite beautiful.

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A beach of sand and pebbles!

La Fanore Beach is a beautiful Irish beach, located in the heart of the Burren. The place is wild, and has the advantage of being little frequented. Also, do not hesitate to make a jump there the time of a picnic, a kite flying, or a simple walk along the waves.

The water is rather cold, but acceptable during the summer: also, a small swim can be quite possible!

A pretty beach, which should offer you calm and a change of scenery!

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Address Address: Fanore
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.117816,-9.287294

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