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Falls Road

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Falls Road - Nick - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Antrim (Northern Ireland)
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Falls Road is a road that runs through the west of Belfast in Northern Ireland. From Divis Street to Andersonstown in the suburbs, this route has become since 1990 a highly touristic and cultural route, due to its history marked by the Northern Irish conflict. You will come across numerous murals commemorating the major episodes of the Troubles. An ideal place to immerse yourself in Belfast’s turbulent past!

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A succession of painted walls, to bear witness to the history of Belfast

Falls Road can be visited on foot or by car. Above all, the tour will take you past a large succession of murals, both old and new, which will give you a better understanding of Northern Ireland’s turbulent history. Like a comic strip, each wall represents an episode, a figure from the battle, the inter-connections of the Northern Irish battle with the international…etc.

The drawings sometimes evoke violence or the desire for peace. All this is achieved through the use of often very bright colours and realistic representations.

On the front of the Sinn Féin office, you can see the fresco of Bobby Sands, the famous IRA member and hunger striker of the 1980s. This symbol of the conflict, illustrated himself through a merciless hunger strike to have his status as a political prisoner recognized by Margaret Thatcher. He died as a result of his fasting, without Britain’s voice being heard…

You will also come across a reproduction of Picasso’s painting Guernica, a caricature of President George W. Bush, allusions to ETA, racial segregation, and frescoes depicting the localized conflict in Northern Ireland. Some of the texts are in Irish Gaelic, and allude to Bloody Sunday, or to the arrests of many members of the IRA, without trial or judgment.

The tour is rather interesting, and is one of the must-see sites to better understand the complex history of Belfast, and Northern Ireland.

Practical informations

Address Address: Falls Road west of Belfast
Place : (County Antrim)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.591488,-5.964999

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