Eyre Square

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Adresse Location:
Galway, (County Galway)

Eyre Square is a park located in Galway city centre. Also known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, the park is located near Williams Street and is one of the liveliest places in the city…. Mainly on weekends, and at lunchtime!

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An ideal park for a nature break!

Eyre Square park is rectangular, surrounded on 3 sides by major traffic routes. The park is very popular with Galway residents. They appreciate its calm, its wooded areas, ideal for a picnic or a small sports match between friends. But they also appreciate its weekly markets held in the north of the park. Here you will find high quality local produce and an inimitable friendly and good-natured atmosphere.

In the centre of the park, there is also a beautiful modern sculpture and fountain called “Galway Hookers”. The sculpture depicts traditional Galway boats, easily recognisable with their red sails and wooden hulls. A rather nice piece of work that pays tribute to centuries of tradition!

Don’t miss either the 2 big cast-iron cannons in Eyre Square, as well as the sculpture of the American president by John F. Kennedy. A real tribute to the memory of Irish heritage!

The park is rather nice despite its small size. Don’t hesitate to walk around: the area is relaxing and ideal for a little nature break!

Eyre Square
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Address Address:
downtown, near Williams Street in Galway.

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.274301, -9.049233

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
15 minutes
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