Experience Gaelic Games

Experience Gaelic Games
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Adresse Location:
Dublin, (County Dublin)

Immerse yourself in Irish culture and Gaelic sports by testing the “Experience Gaelic Games” attraction! Located in Dublin, it offers you the chance to meet specialists in hurling, camogy and Gaelic football for a cool and fun introduction to traditional Irish sports! A nice moment, which promises you sporting sensations unknown until then!

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An introduction to traditional Irish sports

Hurling – Fáilte Ireland

In Ireland, the population remains very attached to its ancestral sports, such as hurling and Gaelic football. Many matches are played every week in the country! These original sports nevertheless require some small text explanations to fully understand the rules…

And that’s exactly what the Gaelic Games Experience is all about! On the program, you will be introduced to each sport, its history and rules… Then follows a short introduction in real conditions: sports jerseys, equipment… You will be able to try your hand at hurling, feel the ball during a game of Gaelic football… Laughter and good times guaranteed!

The coaches are really friendly and passionate. They will be able to communicate their love of Gaelic sports to you, while offering you moments of real fun.

To do for the sporty and curious! You will be amazed by the charm of these traditional Irish sports!

Remember to book directly on their website to make sure you have your place.

Experience Gaelic Games
Practical information

Address Address:
C/o Na Fianna CLG, Mobhi Road, Glasnevin,, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
53.374480, -6.263097

Web siteWeb site:
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PricesPrices :

between €28 and €29

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