Eightercua Stone Row

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Waterville, (County Kerry)
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Eightercua Stone Row is a beautiful stone alignment dating from 1200 BC. Rather imposing, it is found south of the town of Waterville in Ireland, on the road to the Ring of Kerry. For the archaeologists, this site would mark the limit of a larger archaeological complex, today disappeared. It would be even for the specialists of the tomb of Scéine who was married to the chief of the invaders milésiens, Amergin mac Míled. A visit for lovers of megaliths… and legends.

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Standing stones, bearers of legends

Eightercua Stone Row is a site that extends 7.60 meters on the ground in an east-west alignment. Its tallest stone, stands 2.74 meters high.

The surrounding artifacts, including the remains of a possible tomb and an ancient enclosure, suggest that the site had a ritual function…

Beyond the scientific truth, many legends surround this stone alignment. In particular, it would be there that Scéine, wife of Amergin mac Míled would rest. According to the legend, this man, leader of the Milesian invaders, would have chased the ancient kings of Ireland into the Other World.

A story, which confers all the more importance to the place…

The access to the stones is easy and can be done on foot. It is possible to walk around the site to get a better idea of the surrounding nature.

Eightercua Stone Row
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