Dunseverick Castle

The Dunseverick castle - © stevie
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Adresse Location:
Bushmills, (County Antrim)

Dunseverick Castle (or Dunseverick Castle) is an ancient castle now in ruins, built in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Here it will be difficult for you to imagine what the castle looked like in the past… because the building barely still stands! Only made up of 2 walls still standing, the building is unusual and faces the ocean… Enough to give it this inimitable charm, which is really worth the detour!

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Two walls facing the ocean…

Dunseverick Castle is located on a peninsula in Northern Ireland, very close to the Giant’s Causeway coastal road. A landscape of strong contrast, between desolation and colourful nature, the castle offers an exceptional view and magnificently dominates the ocean. Nowadays, only the entrance pavilion has been able to withstand wars and time… (A small residential tower would have moreover held up until 1978, before giving way and collapsing into the ocean below)

Built in the 5th century, the castle would have according to historians, welcomed Saint Patrick within its walls, while he was evangelizing Ireland. Marked by history, the castle would have then suffered terrible battles following the Viking Invasions in 870, to be finally destroyed in the 17th century by General Robert Munro and Cromwell’s troops.

A castle with a dark past, therefore, which offers a landscape of great gravity and authenticity, which amateur and professional photographers love to take pictures of! A true marvel, which should delight lovers of ruins and places with a strong history! Not to mention the surrounding beauty of the coast!

Dunseverick Castle
Practical information

Address Address:
near Dunseverick, on the Giant's Causeway coastal road.

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
55.238423, -6.448201

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
30 minutes
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  • free

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