Dunlough Castle © Superbass / CC BY-SA 4.0

Dunlough Castle

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Dunlough Castle © Superbass / CC BY-SA 4.0

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : at the tip of the Mizen Peninsula

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Dunlough Castle is a breathtaking ruined castle, built in 1207. Located in County Cork, on the cliffs of the Mizen Peninsula, it faces the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most beautiful castles in Ireland! A must have not to be missed!

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A castle in an enchanting landscape!

Dunlough Castle - caroline - cc

Dunlough Castle – Carolingian – cc

Dunlough Castle was built in 1207 by Donagh O’Mahony, a leader of the very old Irish O’Mahony clan. Imposing and magnificent, Dunglough Castle is said to be one of the oldest Anglo-Norman style castles in the south of Ireland.

Installed in a wild and impregnable setting, between cliffs, ocean and lake, the castle would be one of the rare Irish medieval buildings to have had the reputation of a totally impregnable castle.

It takes the form of a series of 3 main towers linked by a 4.6-metre high defensive wall, which extends over a hundred metres (some parts of which are now in ruins).

Its access can be made from the south by crossing a private farmland: the castle faces the ocean, and presents at its feet a beautiful deep-water lake. You will then have to take a small path between the ruins, further west, which will give you access to cliffs 120 metres high, which will lead you to the foot of the towers. Be careful during your visit: the ruins are shaky, and we advise you not to venture too far inside the towers.

Dunlough Castle - caroline - cc

Dunlough Castle – caroline – cc

In addition to being magnificent, the castle alone is a real architectural curiosity. It is indeed a rare example of dry stone masonry from this period. Even better: each tower has its own style and design. Each tower has its own keep, spread over 3 floors.

According to researchers, the west tower (the largest) was, however, the only tower that served as a residence for its inhabitants.

Today, the deterioration of Dunlough Castle would be attributed to the nature of the masonry of the castle (not sufficiently adapted to the climatic conditions of the place where it is located). Nevertheless, the site has a breathtaking charm, and seems suspended out of time. A must see castle and one of our favourites!

Practical informations

Adresse Address: at the tip of the Mizen Peninsula
Location: (County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 51.482856,-9.829156

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DurationDuration: 45 minutes

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