Dunbeg Fort

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Dunbeg Fort - Jim Linwood - cc
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Dunbeg Fort (Dun Beag in Irish Gaelic) is a prehistoric Irish fort located on the Dingle Peninsula. This impressive and interesting fort will captivate lovers of prehistoric archaeological sites and will offer you a breathtaking view of the Dingle cliffs and the ocean.

History of Dunbeg Fort

A Bronze Age Fort

The Dunbeg fort is said to have been built during the Bronze Age (2500 B.C. – 700 B.C.) on the edge of the cliffs of the Dingle Peninsula.

Composed of an imposing stone block fortified enclosure, the fort allowed the surveillance of the ocean as well as the surroundings of the peninsula, thus protecting the inhabitants against Celtic invasions.

Now in ruins, it has lost none of its superb and astonishing authenticity!

Visit Dunbeg Fort

A nice Visit on the edge of the cliff

Like most prehistoric sites in Ireland, the entrance to Dunbeg Fort is not free. As you walk along the cliffs of the Dingle Peninsula you will come face to face with this prehistoric fort and admire its perfect state of preservation.

The latter is in the form of a circular fort (called “ringfort”), pushed on the edge of a cliff. Its defensive wall is 1 meter high and 3 meters wide, and has all around and inside a defensive network of ditches and underground.

The fort is rather in good condition, and its entrance is still intact: don’t hesitate to admire also the breathtaking view of the ocean: the setting of the ringfort has a most seductive charm!

Dunbeg Fort
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Suivre la R559

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52.105693, -10.409619
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3€ per person

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