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Drumharsna Castle

Drumharsna castle - Jsilke - cc

Drumharsna Castle (Caisleán Dhroimm Tharsna in Irish Gaelic), is an old fortified tower from the 16th century. Located near Ardrahan in County Galway, this ancient castle has since been badly damaged. It remains in good condition, however, and has an authentic and picturesque charm!

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A castle damaged by the Black and Tans..

The castle would probably have been built by Shane Ballagh, around 1550… After having survived, it was heavily damaged in 1920 by the Black and Tans, when they tried to arrest Patrick and Harry Loughnane, two brothers members of Sinn Féin who had taken refuge in the building. They were eventually intercepted and shot in the woods…

Lost in the fields in the Irish countryside, Drumharsna Castle still has its main structure. Its various windows suggest the former existence of 5 floors. Its floors have not completely survived the passage of time, and the walls are rather fragile. Therefore, we recommend that you do not venture inside… At the top of the castle you can see two intact chimneys, proof that the building had at least 2 fireplaces.

The tour is free and pretty nice to do. You can go without hesitation!

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Address Address: near Ardrahan
Lieu : (County Galway)

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