Doughiska Castle - Mark Grealish - cc

Doughiska Castle

Doughiska Castle - Mark Grealish - cc

Doughiska Castle is a 16th century Irish castle, located in the forest of Merlin Woods Park in Galway. In ruins, the building is sumptuous, and has a serious charm with its square tower of about fifteen meters.

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A 16th century castle in the middle of the woods

Doughiska Castle - Mark Grealish - cc

The Doughiska Castle – Mark Grealish – cc

The Doughiska Castle was built by the Lynch family and then abandoned over the centuries, leaving it in ruins. Now owned by the State and the Gaway City Council, it can be admired by following the marked trails of the Merlin Woods. The walk is fun, and the castle show is worth the detour!

The castle is arranged in the form of an Anglo-Norman style tower. It has 3 floors, pierced by a few narrow windows. However, you will not be able to access it, due to the fragility of the fortress, but you will be able to enter the ground floor of the building. You will nevertheless be able to go around it from the outside, and admire the remarkable state of the castle.

Its charm is palpable, due to its proximity to the forest, and the visit is free.

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Address Address: in the Merlin Woods Park forest east of Galway.
Lieu : (County Galway)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.279866,-8.998081

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