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Doolin Cave

La Doolin Cave - NealeA - cc

Doolin Cave is a Doolin Cave in County Clare. Accessible to visitors, it will allow you to discover Ireland by the underground way, with its miles of galleries and its impressive geological formations!

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An impressive cave

The Doolin Cave has the distinction of having the largest stalactites ever measured in the northern hemisphere. 7.3 metres long, it was discovered in the 1950s, and has a shape similar to a chandelier. It is hard to believe that it would have formed as a result of a long drip over several thousand years!

The visit is guided, and never exceeds 20 people. Lasting between 30 and 45 minutes, it will allow you to unravel the mysteries of caving and geology, to admire marvellous rock formations, and to discover the Burren as you have never seen it before!

Note that you will be equipped with a helmet to go down into the cave. Its surface being rather spacious, you won’t have to crawl in the galleries… However, don’t hesitate to wear clothes that are not afraid of mud and dust…

The price of the visit is rather high, but the visit is worth it.

Practical informations

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Address Address: Roadford to Doolin
Lieu : (County Clare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.043321,-9.344289

PricesPrices* :

15€/adult – 8€/child

*prix indicatif pouvant varier en fonction de la saison et de la politique de l'établissement.

SchedulesSchedules :

du ludni au samedi, de 10h00 à 17h00

Web siteWeb site: Go to the website

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