Dooagh beach, Achill Island - Keith Ewing - cc

Dooagh beach

Dooagh beach, Achill Island - Keith Ewing - cc

Dooagh beach is a beach like no other, located on Achill Island, an Irish island in County Mayo. Known all over the world, this beach is unlike any other, as it has a rather curious history: it is said to have disappeared for more than 33 years, before re-forming naturally in 2017! A strange phenomenon, which had then made the headlines!

Visit Dooagh beach on Achill Island

A beach swept by a storm in 1984… which will regain its shape in 2017!

This is the real curiosity of Achill Island: Dooagh beach is an Irish beach that is said to have disappeared, then reappeared according to storms and local weather conditions.

It is said to have started in 1984: at that time, the beach did exist. But a storm will erase it from the map: the sand is washed away, and the water sweeps everything in its path. Only bare, sad rocks remain. From then on, the people of Dooagh on Achill Island are sorry to see that they have lost their local beach.

But 33 years later, in 2017, similar weather conditions will restore the beach completely. The sand is carried by sea currents and tides. Dooagh beach comes back to life! This is a surprise for the locals: they can enjoy the beach again!

In April, around Easter, we had a dry cold and a wind from the north,” recalls Sean Molloy, head of Achill Tourism.

This would have covered the rocks with millions of tons of sand, reforming a beautiful beach almost 300 meters long! As a result, the beach is once again passable. We love the fine sand and the beautiful view of the sea.

It is nice to put your towel down in the summer, take a dip and play with your family (the sand castles will keep your children busy for a long time).

However, the locals like to joke with the tourists who come to admire the beach:

Enjoy it while it’s there! Nothing tells us that tomorrow Dooagh Beach will still be with us!

A beautiful example of Irish philosophy, mixing humour and wisdom!

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Address Address: Dooagh, Achill Island
Lieu : (County Mayo)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.973808,-10.126030

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