Dolmen Goward

Dolmen Goward - Ricky Bamford - cc
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Newry, (County Down)

Dolmen Goward is an impressive dolmen in County Down, Northern Ireland. Situated in a farmer’s field between Hilltown and Castlewellan, this dolmen has an imposing scale that has earned it the nickname “Big Stone” among locals. A must-see!

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One of the greatest dolmens in Northern Ireland!

The Dolmen Goward - Ricky Bamford - cc

The Dolmen Goward – Ricky Bamford – cc

Classified as a historical monument, the Dolmen Goward has gigantic dimensions!

Just look at it: its cover slab is 4 meters long and 3 meters wide, for an estimated weight of 50 tons! With a height of 4.3 meters, it must be admitted, this dolmen has nothing to envy to the Brownshill Dolmen (reputed to be the biggest in Europe!)!

With time, the cover slab has slipped from its initial position, and moved north, sliding on the other retaining stones. It is now almost vertical to the dolmen!

The whole forms a 2.7-metre-long burial chamber, which was once used as a ritual place. It is in this very spot that a funerary urn (containing the ashes of a cremation) and a flint arrowhead were found.

The access to the dolmen is easy and really worth a look. It is in itself a demonstration of the talent and know-how of Neolithic men to build gigantic buildings! Don’t miss it: it is one of the most beautiful dolmens in Northern Ireland!

Dolmen Goward
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located between Hilltown and Castlewellan

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54.213134, -6.094307
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