Dolmen of Poulnabrone

Dolmen of Poulnabrone - © Patryk Kosmider
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The Dolmen of Poulnabrone is one of the most famous dolmens in Ireland! If you want to discover traces of Irish history dating back more than 5,800 years, then consider stopping at the Burren in County Clare. The dolmen stands there, lost in the rocky Aillwee Mountains, and has faced the rigours of time for thousands of years. Don’t hesitate to go: the visit is free and the dolmen is simply impressive!

Visit the Dolmen of Poulnabrone

The most famous dolmen in Ireland… lost in the Wild Burren!

If you like History, prehistory and the charming remains of another time, then the discovery of the Dolmen of Poulnabrone is almost obligatory.

It must be said that this tourist attraction, impressive to say the least, is an opportunity to remember how rich Ireland is in terms of megalithic archaeological sites. This site is a perfect example of this, and is one of the most beautiful dolmens in Ireland.

It is an incredible sight, straight out of the depths of time.

Firmly implanted on a stony mound, the dolmen of Poulnabrone is easily accessible. All you have to do is stroll through the Burren region, in the heart of its rocky landscapes and deserted moorland.

The dolmen stands in the heart of the region. Its visit is free, and offers a show of serious and mysterious charm.

The dolmen is protected by a thin security cordon warning visitors not to approach the megaliths any closer. Here, there is no question of touching it: the site is fragile, and should only be admired. But don’t worry: the spectacle is breathtaking!

In terms of its structure, the Dolmen consists of 7 imposing stone blocks, culminating on 2 meters high. Special mention for its “upper table” which covers the whole: its rectangular shape is particularly rare, and would weigh several tons!

Although the site is still particularly mysterious for researchers (especially about the construction methods of such a dolmen), the building has nevertheless revealed some of its secrets.

Starting with its origins! The dolmen is said to be more than 5,800 years old. It is said to have been built to serve as a funerary altar for important people of the time: many bones and human remains have been found there, proving that more than 22 bodies were burned there over a period of 600 years (from 3200 to 3800 B.C.).

According to archaeologists, this tomb would have housed the remains of 16 to 22 adults, as well as 6 children and a newborn baby.

But this megalithic monument was not only reserved for funerary rites: according to the theories of researchers, the Dolmen of Poulnabrone was occasionally used as a place for sacred ceremonies, as well as symbolic rites…

For the visit, prefer the early morning. You will have all the time you need to admire and discover it, take some pictures and set off to discover the other treasures of the Burren.

Avoid at all costs certain hours when whole buses dump their overflow of tourists around the site. (This is a major tourist attraction in Ireland, and it’s best to admire the building in a quiet place to really enjoy it). So avoid the “tourist hours”, and you’ll have a great experience! Like the feeling of being alone, away from the World and civilization: just you and this dolmen, a precious testimony of Irish History!

Dolmen of Poulnabrone
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on the edge of the R480, on Ailwee Mountain.

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53.048646, -9.139477
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