Derryclare Lough - © fstopphotography

Derryclare Lough

Derryclare Lough - © fstopphotography

Derryclare Lough is a lake in Connemara, Ireland. Lost in the middle of mountains and peat bogs, this lake is recognizable by its islet located in the middle, and covered with trees. A splendid lake with mysterious and deep waters, which you can admire from the road! It is a true symbol of Connemara by itself!

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A silent lake, in the heart of Connemara

Derryclare lough and Pines Island - © MNStudio

Derryclare lough and Pines Island – © MNStudio

Derryclare Lough is a small lake less than 4km long. Surrounded by the mountains and the red moorland of Connemara, it has as a neighbor two other lakes named Garroman Lough, as well as Lough Inagh.

The majority of Derryclare is bordered by the R344 road. There is even a parking area on the lower side of the road to admire the beauty of the Derryclare. (It must be said that the road is little frequented, outside of the summer period, which is really worth a long stop!).

The landscape is really worth the detour, and it would be a shame not to take a few pictures: the lake changes color over the course of the day, and the trees of the islet are reflected in the waters of the Derryclare.

Note that it is possible to fish there if you have previously purchased a local fishing license. There are many fish, and the spots are particularly interesting for amateurs. Don’t hesitate to walk along the banks: the viewpoints are fantastic, conducive to peace and quiet. A perfect place to connect with nature, feel all the wild beauty of Connemara, and soak up the typical smells of the Irish wilderness.

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Address Address: along the R344 in Connemara
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