Deenish Island

Deenish and Scariff Islands - Photo by Anukrati Omar on Unsplash
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Deenish Island is a beautiful Irish island, located off the coast of County Kerry. Located 1 kilometer away from a second island (Scariff Island), it can be seen perfectly by following the Ring of Kerry road. Once inhabited, this island is now deserted and completely wild!

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An island difficult to access, but admirable from the road!

Deenish Island left - Tony Webster - cc

Deenish Island left – Tony Webster

Let it be said: Deenish is rather difficult to visit. Also, you will be able to admire and photograph it from the Irish coast of County Kerry. This one is located on the left side of the island of Scariff and has green colours that are darker than the dark. The island has a hill with an altitude of 144 meters.

For the record, Deenish was not inhabited until 1837. Three Irish families decided to live there and raise cattle. Nevertheless, the 1911 census reported that only 6 families lived there. Nowadays, the island is now 100ù wild, with no trace of daily human life on its land.

There are a few boat companies that will offer you a tour of the island. Nevertheless, the route will depend on the weather conditions. It is possible to do some hiking once you are there.

Deenish Island
Practical information

Address Address:
off the coast of Kerry

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
51.734701, -10.219089

Deenish Island : the map

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