Cushendun Caves

Cushendun caves - © Jenifoto
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Cushendun, (County Antrim)
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The Cushendun Caves are located in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Although they are very old, they are known to the public only since the broadcast of the “Game of Thrones” series (the Iron Throne), the series having shot some emblematic scenes within the caves. A must for fans, and lovers of unsuspected tourist treasures!

Visit the Cushendun Caves

Caves that formed over 400 million years ago!

Cushendun Caves - Jonathan Tweed - cc

Cushendun Caves – Jonathan Tweed – cc

The Cushendun Caves are pretty easy to get to. Close to the beach of Cushendun, they can be explored free of charge, without a guide or prior authorization.

We owe their current geological state to more than 400 million years of natural erosion! Thus, its numerous rocky cavities have all been naturally dug by water and time. This gives the possibility of access to many wet and shaded micro-galeries.

The place is magnificent, open on the beach. The cave is wide and rather high. Shallow nevertheless. Count a small quarter of an hour maximum to go around it.

In any case, the galleries have a dark and mysterious charm: the walls are fascinating, naturally hollowed out by humidity, salt and the proximity of the ocean. The walls at the entrance are even inhabited by a few mussels and other hulls. It’s a pleasure to explore! An opportunity to better measure the natural force of erosion.

For the anecdote, it is within the Cushenden Cave that the Hollywood production company HBO shot some scenes from the famous Game of Thrones series. It is here that Melisandre gives birth to the terrible killer shadow. A must-see scene for fans of the series!

Access to the cave is free and open to all, whatever the time of the year. Nevertheless, prefer a day of good weather when the sea is calm: otherwise, the natural light will not sufficiently illuminate the cave, and the bustle of the sea will make the visit unpleasant.

Cushendun Caves
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sur la plage de Cushendun

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55.125801, -6.042948
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