Drombeg stone circle – © Yggdrasill

Drombeg cromlech

Localisation en Irlande
Drombeg stone circle – © Yggdrasill

Informations about Drombeg cromlech

Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cork (Republic of Ireland)
Location :
Address : near Glandore

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The Drombeg Cromlech is an Irish stone circle, located 2.4km from the village of Glandore in County Cork. It consists of about ten imposing megaliths forming a circle 9 metres in diameter. A beautiful archaeological site!

Visit the Cromlech of Drombeg

A stone circle in the Irish countryside

The site of Drombeg once consisted of 17 stones, but nowadays only 13 megaliths remain, forming a concentrated circle around a lying megalith. Most of the stones used are up to 1.8 metres high and are said to be arranged on a south-western axis which ensures perfect alignment with the setting sun at the winter solstice. Nowadays, no one has yet an explanation for this mysterious phenomenon…

Access to the site is free, and can be reached by car (parking is available nearby). The place is quiet, full of a history still rich in mystery! Don’t hesitate to walk around: the area is pretty and hilly!

Note that the site also has nearby 2 cylindrical stone huts of prehistoric origin, as well as a fireplace (called fulacht fiadh). The latter is said to date from -945 B.C., but its mode of use is still mysterious to specialists.

Practical informations

Adresse Address: near Glandore
Location: (County Cork)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 51.564622,-9.087347

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Opening HoursOpening Hours:


DurationDuration: 30 minutes


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