Le Crom Castle - Edward - cc

Crom Castle

Le Crom Castle - Edward - cc

Crom Castle (Caisleán na Croime in Gaelic) is a Northern Irish castle built in 1820, on the shores of Lough Erne in County Fermanagh. Set in an area of 7.7km², the castle was built in the pure Victorian style and is one of the most imposing mansions in the region!

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A rather recent Victorian castle

Crom Castle was built for the Crichton family, a wealthy earl family who lived in the area from 1609. Set in a beautiful wooded estate, the grounds also contain the ruins of an ancient castle built by the Balfour family, which would predate the present castle. Only the tower house has stood the test of time, as well as some defensive walls… Don’t hesitate to have a look at it: the ruins are quite nice!

Nowadays, only the west wing of Crom Castle is accessible to visitors, and can be rented for weddings, for a week’s vacation or for a long weekend with your family or your partner. You will be able to enjoy beautiful gardens with trees, cosy rooms decorated with period furniture, and enjoy a typical 19th century retro atmosphere…

Also note the presence on the estate of a farmyard, an agricultural shed, a tea room, a church and a school. Buildings that will make you plunge into the universe of yesteryear, while enjoying the sense of welcome and the inimitable Irish conviviality…

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Address Address: West Wing, Crom Castle - Newtownbutler
Lieu : (County Fermanagh)

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