Coumshingaun lake - © Denis

Coumshingaun Lough

Coumshingaun lake - © Denis

Coumshingaun Lough is an Irish lake in County Waterford. Set in a mountain circus, in the Comeragh Mountains, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Ireland. Surrounded by rock and mountains, its deep, mysterious, oval-shaped waters are a real reward for hikers who come to discover it. The view is spectacular, and well worth a walk to discover it!

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A spectacular lake huddled against a simply grand mountainous circus

You will have to explore the magnificent Comeragh Mountains, an imposing mountain range, to access Lake Coumshingaun.

The latter is indeed lost in the middle of the mountain range, and you will have to embark on a rather physical hike to overlook the lake. (Please note that only experienced hikers will be able to reach the panoramic viewpoint. Remain careful and do not take unnecessary risks. Also avoid bending over at the side of the road, where the mountain plunges into space.).

The elevation i s i mportant and requires good hiking equipment to progress easily.

Once up there, the reward is unforgettable. The view is exceptional in clear weather: you can admire the lake below, surrounded by the majestic Comeragh Mountains, all in greenery and steep rock.

A striking and breathtaking spectacle to immortalize with a few photos!

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Address Address: in Comeragh Mountains
Lieu : (County Waterford)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 52.250539,-7.524765

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