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Cork, (County Cork)

The Cork Opera House is a theatre and opera house located in the heart of Cork city centre. Built in 1855, it is one of the city’s iconic buildings. It’s where the greatest plays and opera concerts are held: a treat for music lovers!

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A place steeped in 250 years of history

Make no mistake about it: although built in 1855, the Cork Opera House has been rebuilt and renovated several times, after suffering two successive fires (one in 1920, and the second in 1955).

Completely rebuilt in 1963, and renovated in 2003, it is a true cultural centre, designed to pay tribute to the arts in all their forms. Its programming is rich and varied, all in a majestic hall, where the acoustics are exceptional.

Don’t hesitate to book a ticket: you will discover for an evening, a grandiose architecture, reminiscent of the Cork of yesterday and today. Prices vary from one performance to another: so don’t hesitate to book in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Cork Opera House
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Emmett Place - Cork

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51.900286, -8.472831

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