Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre

Le Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre
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Adresse Location:
Dundalk, (County Louth)

The Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre is a must-see address in Dundalk (County Louth) for whiskey lovers who respect themselves! The establishment is entirely dedicated to the art of Irish whiskey distillation. You will discover centuries of tradition and know-how, while tasting the wonderful whiskeys of the Cooley distillery!

Visit the Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre

A visit dedicated to the art of Irish distilled whiskey

The Cooley distillery, located not far from Dundalk, has a reputation of excellence in whiskey production. We count among its range the famous whiskeys :

  • Kilbeggan
  • Connemara
  • Greenmore
  • Lockes
  • and Tyrconnel

In addition to producing them, the establishment has chosen to open its doors to visitors, in order to make it an interactive museum. In this context, the Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre offers an unparalleled tour to help you understand the subtleties of Irish whiskey. Ingredients, distillation, methods and ancient secrets…

You will discover the subtleties of triple distillation, a 100% Irish concept that gives the country’s whiskey all its character. You will also learn which are the main ingredients involved in the process of making the beverage, what is the essential equipment for distillation, as well as the last steps, from bottling to marketing.

You will be able to learn all you need to know about the subject and will have the privilege of a small tasting at the end of the visit! Always in moderation of course!

The establishment offers a nice overview of the Irish know-how concerning whiskey. A place full of history, cool and attractive, with rather nice guides who listen to your questions!

Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre
Practical information

Address Address:
Carlingford | Dundalk Road, Dundalk

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.046919, -6.190302

Duration of the visit Duration of the visit:
45 minutes

Cooley Whiskey Visitor Centre : the map

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