Claremont beach - William Murphy - cc

Claremont beach

Claremont beach - William Murphy - cc

Claremont beach is a beach in the village of Howth (Co. Dublin). Located almost behind the train station, it is a great place to sit with the family, build sand castles, walk at low tide and go swimming. A pretty Irish beach that is worth a visit!

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A beach to relax on after exploring downtown Howth

Howth Beach has the advantage of being a long beach. With its restaurants within walking distance, the beach is ideal for taking a break, walking barefoot in the sand, looking for seashells, or playing with the family, kite flying, building castles… etc.

The sand at low tide is rather pleasant: firm, it allows you to walk while hunting for knives and clams buried under your feet (attention, the regulation of seafood fishing is very regulated in Ireland).

The water is generally rather cold, but is more affordable in summer, on hot sunny days. In these cases, putting down your towel on the spot promises you a very good time: the beach is rarely crowded, and a little swim is very pleasant! What’s more, fans of swimming with flippers, masks and snorkels will be delighted: the beach attracts many fish that are rather nice to watch.

However, be careful not to venture too far, as the currents are particularly strong offshore.

In any case, the beach has managed to preserve its wild environment, with its sand, rocks and breathtaking views of the Irish Sea. A nice spot to land before going to push the door of a fish and seafood restaurant a few meters away, then continue your visit to the village of Howth.

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Address Address: Howth
Lieu : (County Dublin)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.389857,-6.074830

PricesPrices* :


*prix indicatif pouvant varier en fonction de la saison et de la politique de l'établissement.

DurationDuration: 1 hour

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