Cavan Burren Park - Keith Ewing - cc

Cavan Burren Park

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Cavan Burren Park - Keith Ewing - cc

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Location in Ireland Ireland County: County Cavan (Republic of Ireland)
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Address : in County Cavan

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The Cavan Burren Park is a nature park located in County Cavan (not to be confused with the Burren area in County Clare!). Known for the many archaeological remains that lie within it, the park is ideal for a short walk, and the discovery of its megalithic sites. Great if you like outdoor activities!

Visit the Cavan Burren Park

Hiking tours, to discover the history of the region!

The park is located on the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, a beautiful wild mountain, rich in forests, moors and peat bogs. The park covers several hundred hectares, and has a history dating back over 330 million years! The prehistoric population living here has left its mark, through countless megalithic sites, from a simple stone circle to an imposing dolmen, not to mention the cairns!

The visit of the park is free, and is primarily intended for hiking enthusiasts. More than 5 marked out circuits will be proposed to you, and will allow you to discover the park under different aspects. Guides are also at your disposal (but it is not mandatory) to take you, and enlighten you on the history of the park, and the mysteries of its prehistoric remains. The level of walking required is not very demanding, but we nevertheless advise you to leave well-equipped (walking shoes, backpack, water bottle, windbreaker and warm clothing).

The megalithic sites present in the park all date essentially from the Neolithic period. Made of local stones (sandstone and granite), they have been remarkably well preserved. There are more than a dozen prehistoric sites spread throughout the park, mostly in the middle of the forest. Their setting is magnificent, and the silence is ideal for recharging one’s batteries!

These remains are of course informed on the free maps distributed by the Visitor Centre of Cavan Burren Park! If you would like to explore the park without a guide, please ask them for advice and they will be happy to share their tips with you!

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Adresse Address: in County Cavan
Location: (County Cavan)

GPS coordinatesGPS : 54.262836,-7.890368

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*indicative price may vary according to the season and the policy of the establishment.

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