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Castlewellan is an Irish castle in County Down. Former Scottish seigniorial castle, it was built in 1856 and was for a long time the property of a rich Scottish earl. Nowadays, the building has been bought back and is not open to visitors…

The Castlewellan Castle

A private castle…

The Castlewellan enjoys an ideal location: overlooking the lake and the neighbouring park, it has all the assets of a large estate! Its rather imposing architecture, as well as its cylindrical turrets make it a majestic place, with its character and cachet!

Unfortunately closed to visitors (it is only used for private conferences), you can admire it from outside only, and see its magnificent garden with trees! To alleviate your frustration, don’t hesitate to go and visit Castlewellan Forest Park, a protected forest where you can discover a sumptuous organic maze!

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Address Address: Castlewellan
Lieu : (County Down)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 54.258038,-5.941689

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closed to visitors – private property

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