Castletown House - Stuart Bould - cc

Castletown House

Castletown House - Stuart Bould - cc

Castletown House is an Irish Palladian style manor house, located in Celbridge in County Kildare, Ireland. It was built in 1722 for William Connolly, a member of the Irish Parliament at the time.

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An elegant and majestic mansion!

The building was designed by the Italian architect Alessandro Galilei. Nevertheless, the symmetrical wings were added 2 years later by the other architect, Edward Lovett Pearce.

A project of a lifetime, the Connolly family had to sell a lot of land across Ireland to finance the mansion. The interior decoration, however, was not completed until 1760-1770, thanks to the intervention of Lady Louisa Connolly (a member of the family, and great-granddaughter of Charles II of England and Louise de Keroual).

The manor house has always been perfectly maintained, which allowed the Connolly family to sell the house in 1965, to entrust it to the state. Since then, the manor is open to visitors, and can be the place of grandiose receptions!

Do not hesitate to visit the bedrooms, the living rooms, the dining rooms or the kitchen. The manor has been preserved as it was in the 18th century, from its architecture to its furniture and impeccable decoration! Note that the manor has a small internal museum, which includes the history of the Connolly family, but also the subtleties of the Palladian style!

Possibility to take a walk around the manor, to admire it better, and to enjoy the country setting of Celbridge. The grounds are beautiful and well worth a walk!

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Address Address: Celbridge
Lieu : (County Kildare)

Coordonnées GPSGPS : 53.349147,-6.530300

SchedulesSchedules :

from October to March

Web siteWeb site: Go to the website

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