Castlestrange Stone

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The Castlestrange stone is a granite megalith, located in Castlestrange House Park, County Roscommon. It has the peculiarity of containing engravings, made in a style called “la Tène”, dating from the Iron Age around 500 BC.

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An Iron Age stone

Considered a protected national monument, the Castlestrange stone is a stone composed of numerous spiral engravings, similar to those found on Newgrange. Engraved by hand, with tools of the time, it has since been laid on a concrete base, to better protect it from the weather and the massive influx of visitors.

Easy to access, the site is free, and worth the detour. The stone is quite impressive and rich in mysteries: many researchers are still looking for theories to explain this megalith and its use. Some believe that the Castlestrange Stone was used as a ritual place, while others tend to think that it was a simple ornamental stone.

This megalith is reminiscent of the Turoe Stone, another engraved stone, this time based in Galway.

Castlestrange Stone
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near Athleague village

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53.586437, -8.271620

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15 minutes
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