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Adresse Location:
Glaslough, (County Monaghan)

Castle Leslie is a beautiful Irish castle, located in the village of Glaslough in County Monaghan. Built in 1870 for Sir John Leslie, the castle has more of a Scottish mansion feel. According to numerous testimonies, the place is haunted: each room has been the scene of strange apparitions!

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A haunted mansion with an eclectic style!

A bit austere, the manor house is spread over an estate of more than 400 hectares of lakes, forests and wooded park. Magnificent, it was built in the pure Scottish architectural tradition (a feat for a manor in Ireland!). But the manor knows how to mix styles to perfection: its exterior architecture contrasts strongly with its interior decoration, directly inspired by the Italian Renaissance, while the gardens are straight out of the French Renaissance!

Strange indeed, but the charm and the association of the 3 styles works, and makes it a manor of character.

Today, the manor is still owned by the Leslie family, who use it as a bed and breakfast. Thus, the lucky ones will be able to offer themselves a charming room in the former hunting lodge of the manor. A charming place, which unfortunately will not suit all budgets (the owners have equipped it with a spa, a bar and a restaurant).

Please note that the site is only accessible to the manor’s guests. For the others, you can only admire Castle Leslie from the road… Too bad…

For the anecdote, it would be in this castle, that Paul McCarthney, former member of the Beatles, would have chosen to get married with Heather Mills. Moreover, a strange legend would turn around this castle: some affirm to have observed ghostly apparitions in the rooms of the manor. The most famous one is in the Red Room, where a certain soldier known as “Norman Leslie” is said to have been seen many times. He is said to have haunted the manor since his death in 1914, after having died in the trenches in France!

Castle Leslie
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Address Address:
Glaslough Village, Glaslough

Coordonnées GPSGPS:
54.318307, -6.893759
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  • variable according to the room and the desired period
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  • every day

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